25 thoughts on “Man United vs Chelsea 0-0 ● Extended Match Preview ● EPL 27/8/2013 ● [HQ]”

  1. Chelsea Fans said they have the special one, who win everything bla bla
    bla, they said Mourinho is the best manager in the world compare to Moyes,
    but, you spend a lot of dollar buying player , changing manager, but still
    cannot win against the weak team like United? CHelsea has better squad?
    untill today u only got 21 point with talent in your squad, poor chelsea

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  4. didnt want it to get effect on anyone its a fact and its obvious,United
    suck this season

  5. Well, if other people agreed with you then you would probably get top
    comment, or if your words had any lasting effect on anyone…

  6. who was working for top comment,i never said i wanted to be top comment i
    just stated a fact

  7. Yea and that shows you how bad United is,last seaosn they’d take adavntage
    of a team being bad but now,they can hardly do that,no title for them this

  8. Permisi…numpang lewat… Kerja santai 1-2 jam/hari dengan penghasilan
    minimal Rp 200.000/hari. Mau? Dapatkan informasi lengkap secara gratis di

  9. Man. United… the place for mankind unite… I LOVE manchester united ,
    real madrid (cristiano ronaldo) and barcelona (leo messi)… bayern (pep)
    and chelsea (Mourinho)

  10. man utd are showing that they still can be champions without sir alex they
    can win the premier league coz we aint givvin up .M.U.F.C Forever

  11. My sympathy is with Chelsea,robbed again by the biggest cheats/thugs in
    soccer today.9>1.Amen.

  12. Loads of money and zero fun. These millionaires and their conductors
    couldn’t entertain a cat. Austere times for quality in the top flight of
    english football. Actually we should all just pay loads of money to see
    Mourinho dancing naked on the pitch, that would be more entertaining than
    the football teams he puts together. Seems impossible anyone could create
    such boring teams from so much money and talent and still be lauded by the
    gutter press. Hype!

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