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  1. A lot of Arsenal fans including myself were disappointed in Clichy’s
    performance mainly due to lack of competition. Wait so you think Jack was
    better in 2011 then he is now? Look at tonight the spirit is there, we
    should never have gone through but we did.

  2. Just playing with my thoughts lately: Look at our teamsheet when
    everybody’s healthy and back running: Starting eleven: Szczesny, Sagna,
    Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Cazorla, Özil,
    Giroud. Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Podolski, Chamberlain,
    Flamini, Wilshere! What a team!!! I haven’t even found place on the bench
    for Viviano, Diaby, Rosicky, Jenkinson, and Gnabry!!! So proud to be a

  3. We’ll have to agree to disagree on Clichy and Jack. I think they were
    really good that year. I agree with most of the rest although we haven’t
    yet seen how Ozil and Cazorla will combine with each other. It’s an
    extremely exciting prospect though

  4. Just now coming on as an arsenal fan cuz I’m such an ozil fan. This team
    has so much potential man, and I’m over here in the states. I’ve seen every
    game since ozil joined and can’t wait for the rest. COYG!!!

  5. So Far So Good – Robbie talks about Arsenal’s excellent start to the
    Season. #Arsenal #AFC #COYG

  6. We can’t challenge for the league this year for the simple reason of having
    no squad depth. Once the season carries on players will get wary and we
    won’t have back up. This is what frustrates me the most because our
    starting XI probably can win the league, but our squad DEFINITELY CANNOT.
    Best hope we have – stay in touch till January and go back for
    Suarez/Rooney/whoever. Top strikers will want to play with Ozil.

  7. Its Early days – enough players to compete on 4 fronts? I think not, we
    should ignore the Capital 1 cup and just play reserves, save our small
    squad for the big competitions. What the fuck are we going to do if Giroud
    gets injured eh?

  8. Super happy with todays win, I hope we keep up with this consistency,
    especially against our big upcoming games in the following 2 months
    (napoli, dortmund, liverpool, man united, even swansea) COYG

  9. Great video Robbie and I concur with your sentiments. I do also believe
    that we can do something this season. I am very encouraged and given the
    number of injuries; we have exceeded even the most optimistic pre season
    expectations. Hats off as well to the manager and club for stepping up to
    the plate. They deserve immense credit. Don’t think we may win the EPL but
    according to Ozil’s sky interview when responding to the question of
    Arsenal winning the league “Of Course”!!!!

  10. not really his job though is it? we play counter attacking football.When
    the ball’s in our half giroud needs to be near the halfway line ready to
    break with Theo and Poldi.

  11. I think the january transfer window will be key to Arsenals success in the
    PL this season. Our starting squad looks strong at the moment, but with
    injuries and the current depth of the squad we need a few more quality
    players so we can keep this up the full season. I know this is being
    mentioned a lot, but if Giroud gets injured, who will we play as striker?
    We can’t rely on Podolski will probably need a few games when returning.
    But I’m sure Wenger will bring in some players.

  12. I belive that AFC can win the BPL..we will not lose a single game against
    small teams..and if we pull victorys against
    chelsea.man.city..utd.liverpool..we can win the league..also a cup.:)

  13. don’t be a negative gooner we can do this,plus Liverpool lost against
    Southampton so if we win our next game we are in the top of the table

  14. Not really. If so why do they keep losing? They don’t gel well yet. While
    most of our squad has been together for a year.

  15. If we strengthen in January i can see us having a very promising year! Our
    squad is young and the British core is now shining through. Maybe if we get
    a back up ST behind Giroud to give him competition to improve him even more
    and another CB i feel we can 100 % win something this year!!! CMON YOU
    GUNNERS !!

  16. Ozil didn’t come in for mediocrity, he came for success. This will
    fortunately force Wenger into making more big name signings.

  17. conversation starter- Defoe for arsenal? his finishing has always been
    clinical, woefully underused at spurs. He’s not starting for them and has
    recently expressed that he wants to start particularly in world cup year.
    he’s old at 31 but his pace which may dip suddenly is still there. it would
    cause upset at spurs…i just found it odd that he has not even been
    mentioned especially given that most clubs have 3-4 strikers and wenger
    will not spend again as the pressure is off.

  18. Also I feel the fans on a whole have come closer, the ground seems united
    and just feels good again, the prices we pay we deserve some good times
    again, the fans still come they support, we moan but we are in our rights
    to moan, but we all still pay and support! The away fans are nothing short
    of the BEST!! Lets just keep making our ground a place to fear with
    atmospher, we can do this easy each week by just coming together, the
    atmospher against spurs was so loud, everyone was buzzing!! MORE!!

  19. I agree wenger isn’t given enough credit for his tactic and mental work in
    players. But I hope complacency doesn’t slip in.

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