Jose Pekerman has admitted that Radamel Falcao is in a very bad shape

Jose Pekerman has admitted that Radamel Falcao is in a very bad shape on the mental fronts, but, he is sure he would be able to sort the striker.

Pekerman has picked Falcao for Colombia’s next couple of friendly matches despite him being out of contention for Manchester United’s senior squad for quite some time.

Falcao’s form has been so poor that he struggled even at the junior level for the Red Devils recently.

Sources say that the Manchester United management would not opt to sign Falcao on a permanent basis as had been suggested at the start of the summer when the 29-year old had made his way to Old Trafford on loan.

According to Pekerman, Falcao’s problem has a lot to do with self belief. He does not seem to have enough of that at the moment, He needs support from people around him and he will get every bit of that in the Colombia changing room.

Talking about Falcao, the Colombia boss said, “Look, it’s quite difficult for the player himself as well. It’s a bit of a mess. But, at this point of time, we need to take care of him. He is a special talent, an asset for the side.”

“It’s all about self belief. Once he gets it sorted, he will be fine. I have known him for a number of years now and let me absolutely assure you, he will fight as hard as he can to get himself out of this phase.”

The teams that Colombia is going to play against in the coming weeks are Kuwait and Bahrain and it is believed Falcao will get ample time to spend on the pitch in those two games.

In 55 matches so far for Colombia, Falcao has found the net on 24 occasions.