25 thoughts on “Fifa 14 | FULL Next Gen Gameplay | Manchester United vs. Arsenal | by PatrickHDxGaming”

  1. @Everyone: The graphic design is INSANE!! Maybe you will understand it when
    you see it in Real Life! I can promise you, EVERYONE at this event was
    fully impressed with it.. Just amazing!! Share it with your friends on
    Twitter / Facebook so they can have a look!

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    friends! One of the first Next Gen Gameplays ever on YouTube!! 🙂

    You know that the subbox are broken, so it would be nice to get some help!!

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  3. @Everyone: You can find another Next Gen Gameplay between Real Madrid and
    Barcelona on my channel now!
    The link is in the description! Here is the easy way: /watch?v=k0LLb-la67Y

    Please thumb this comment up so everyone can see!! Amazing goals were
    scored!! :D

  4. Antonio |Valencia looks the same on the PS4 as he did on the PS3 like all
    of them I will get PS4 when FIFA 15 comes 

  5. also you can tell these guys are being paid to say all this shit or
    something. praising it literally every minute hhhshsh

  6. I love FIFA but no one noticed that PES did the same thing last year with
    player movement and this year on current gen with real fans no hat to FIFA
    still the best.

  7. the falll of the players here are like the fall of the players in pes 14 on

  8. The only thing I did not like from this game play is that you guys playing
    to much throe the middle and not using the wings otherwise is just fine

  9. PatrickHDxGaming
    “Amazing graphics”
    “The gameplay is awesome”
    The FIFA next gen is not too much different,have some minimal evolutions in
    the graphics,and the gameplay.
    PES 2014,for PS3/Xbox 360,have better graphics than this.The animations are
    fluid,ilumination is very good,the clothes have an nice physic,better than
    this shit,and the design of the body of the players are much better.
    And I’m not a fanboy of PES (FIFA 14 is better but is not good).
    The graphics of FIFA 14 actual or next gen are shit,and the gameplay have
    an stupid handcap.

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