25 thoughts on ““Catalogue Of Errors” | Manchester United 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur | FanCam”

  1. Do you agree that this was terrible timing for Evra to have a bad game,
    with the transfer window now open?

  2. It’s not only Evra you know.. We’ll have to improve our squad sooner or
    later.. There are so many players declining either because of age or they
    simply don’t have the quality to be Devils..

    Evra is having an (up and down) season, Vidic is loosing his pace.. We
    don’t have a real second option right back to cover Rafael.. Our
    midfielders are shocking.. And I’m not really convinced with Welbeck unless
    he show’s consistency upfront..

    (There is no immediate solution) so, I think that Manchester United should
    find some young talents and slowly make them ready.. And here is a list of
    players to consider:

    CD : I think Smalling, Evans, and Jones will be good for several seasons to

    L FB : Maybe Moyes should give Fabio the chance to prove himself, as I
    don’t think Buttner will do any good.. But maybe also Moyes should consider
    Luke Shaw..

    R FB : Rafael is fantastic, but still we need another (Full back) instead
    of playing Valencia or Smalling.. Maybe (Loris Nery – Valenciennes),
    (Daniel Carvajal, Leverkusen) or the best of them all is (Mattia De Sciglio
    – AC Milan).

    CM : Carrick is brilliant this season, I don’t know what to expect from
    Fletcher after this time, I don’t trust that Fellaini will be any good..
    Cleverly is abysmal, and I don’t see Anderson being a red devil next
    season.. So I suggest (Ward-Prowse), and (Denys Garmash – D. Keiv). And I
    would like to see our own young player (Nick Powell)

    R Winger : Unless Valencia is going to improve his crossing, I don’t see a
    value of having him as a first option.. A. Young needs more than couple of
    goals to prove his worth to the team.. And we need to see more from Nani as
    soon as he come back from the injury.. Januzaj plays well anywhere in
    midfield.. and should take this place.. And I want to see Zaha play more..

    L Winger : Nani, Young.. the same.. Kagawa Plays much better in center
    role, that what makes me think why don’t Moyes play a diamond formation to
    get the best from the available squad? Anyway.. I think (Bernard –
    Shakhtar) could do much better than all our wingers..

    APM (Advanced Playmaker) : Rooney? He’s excellent.. but when there is no
    one to play in front (The current situation) we don’t look dangerous
    upfront. Plus, Rooney’s not a great dribbler, and we need someone to cut
    the opposition’s defense line in half.. (James Rodriguez, FC Porto).

    FW : RVP, Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez..
    RVP is going to give us couple more seasons.. And there is always the risk
    of a long term injury..
    Rooney could give us 4 to 5 seasons with the same rate..
    Welbeck needs to prove himself..
    Hernandez is very disappointing this season..

    I can’t wait to see Angelo Henriquez having the chance to play for us..
    He’s young and he shows encouraging signs..

  3. That They are two players available Ilkay Gundogan and Juan Mata. Coentrao
    we really need and also we need Koke. Gundogan been denying Real Madrid
    rumors and also he has denying the borussia dortmund contract as well.

  4. ” These are tough times we live in. there is no denying. But I say this to
    our Players and David Moyes….We forever your true fans will continue to
    support and cheer for Manchester United”

  5. We need to get Anderson fit!
    We shouldn’t release him nor sell him, try get his fitness up and playing
    more games, the kid is awesome when he’s got fitness
    Give him a loan season away, bring him back and boom hopefully well have
    the Anderson we payed 24million for!
    January we need 2 midfielders!

  6. Watching the match on tele all I could hear were scummy spurs fans! Who the
    hell are these plastic fans in the the stands?! Where is the atmosphere?
    The only section singing the house down and representing the fans is the
    Stretford end! It’s downright embarrassing and disheartening to see. I can
    only imagine how the players feel.

    United are the new Liverpool. I’ve no doubt in my mind any more. 5th this
    season. And out of the top 4 for maybe 2 seasons more. 

  7. The problem with the United players over recent years is that they played
    with fear. We all know about Fergie’s ‘hairdryer’ treatment, and they knew
    if they lost the match than there would be hell in the dressing room. With
    Fergie gone it just shows the actual quality of United’s squad, which is
    very poor compared to others.

    The only reason to sack David Moyes is to rescue this current season.
    After that it is back to square one. You see it with other teams, a new
    manager gets them on a run of games but thats about it. David Moyes is a
    top manager, when I was watching Everton play against us in the last few
    seasons they were outstanding. Got them to play good attack, free flowing
    football which cost us a lot of matches. He made average players good its
    as simple as that. People look at Martinez and think ‘Oh look how Everton
    are playing, he is so much better than Moyes’, to them I say rubbish. Sure
    they are passing the ball more but in the end they will finish in the same
    position(s) as Moyes did in his recent time.

    What Manchester United Football Club need to do is back the manager 100% by
    allowing him to building HIS OWN TEAM! The midfield will be sorted
    eventually, maybe not in January but in the years to come! There is need
    to worry about this season, but not about the future of MUFC as the club
    has great talent and plenty of spending power. People forget that Sir Alex
    Ferguson is the greatest manager of all time, creating the absolute best
    out of mediocre players. You think Ronaldo would be where he is today if
    it wasn’t for SAF. We are not like other clubs, we are Manchester United.


  8. The men singing at the end is what we need in the stadium the whole 90 mins

  9. I don’t think it’s bad timing,Lennon always has the better of Evra. Next
    summer we will have a new LB as Evra has said that due to personal reasons
    this will probably be his last season,so it would be silly to rush a move.
    Top 4 & a cup I’d be satisfied with for this season and then next season we
    should be raring to go with hopefully some quality buys. It is evident we
    do need to spend big,quality is what we need in midfield not quantity.
    Stick behind the reds,it’s only been half a season,SAF had it tough at the
    start of his career but the club story by him,which is what he said to us
    about the next manager. That is exactly what we’ll do! Come on United! 

  10. I don’t know why everyone is saying we need a new left back…clearly Fabio
    has not been given a chance and this in my opinion is very unfair.You buy
    new players when the ones you have have been proven to be
    ineffective(Ando,Clev,Buttner). Fabio was one of the best players during
    the preseason but instead of maybe also sending him on loan he is being
    made to rot on the bench.What wrong has he done to make even Buttner play
    ahead of him when clearly he is a better defender than Buttner.This has to
    do with the manager and i fear he will do another failed panic buy.Moyes
    keeps giving the wrong players too much game time.

  11. C’mon guys didn’t you watch that game:
    Cleverly is not a United grade player,just sell him and get a new mid.
    thats what we need,a creator of attacks. This english players such as Young
    and Cleverly are sinking United.

  12. Moyes’ brand of football is Reactive football.

  13. Totally agree we won’t win the title 100% it’s too hard for the players.
    Aresnal will be laughing at us.

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