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  2. Don’t wanna rain on anyone’s parade but we will never sign Draxler! How can
    we? He will be cup tied for the champions league having already played for
    Schalke so why would he want to leave? Hope I’m wrong because he would be a
    quality signing.

  3. Flamini isn’t deadwood but he complete wank for leaving at a crucial time.
    The season before he left we were playing some brilliant football. He’s a
    traitor. His old manager Marseille said (about his move to Arsenal) ‘This
    is a beautiful treason. He used me’

  4. Mate I want to be optimistic and practical … AW has not strengthened the
    squad and he himself has stated the team is thin in defence , midfield and
    up front …. Now taking that into consideration, I want our boys to win
    the game, but because of injuries the shape of the team is going to get
    altered … We will play as a team, but Spurs have better individual
    players on the pitch compared to ours and that’s a fact for this season….
    If we draw / lose this match its game over for this season

  5. You need world class players, to say your problem isn’t quality, then
    you’re deluded. Even last year you only just got top 4, without Spurs
    having Capoue, Lamela, Eriksen, Soldado, and now spurs have those players,
    you need 1 or 2 quality signings to even compete. That’s my opinion anyway,
    hopefully I don’t have to eat my words tommorow 😉

  6. A) we play a 4-2-3-1 B) flamini is not being paid that much C) lime with
    more than the obvious next time

  7. I think Di maria might move to arsenal and probably Draxler , but i really
    want de rossi and ozil and Benzema!

  8. wenger really can’t afford to get this wrong! i can’t actually believe we
    are leaving it until monday to sort! #shambles

  9. Wrong, Flamini will be a useful utility man. Being able to have someone who
    can fill multiple positions on the pitch (LB CB RB DM) is very valuable off
    the bench. The quad needs depth so the starters can get rest against lesser

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