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  1. i dont believe for a minute that arsenal was serious about buying goofy
    just to appease arse fans and to piss liverpuddle off

  2. no stupid. we already have kagawa and rooney that play behind the striker
    where ozil would play. we cant fit ozil into the squad. and we didnt need a
    cam we needed a dfm.

  3. I like your optimism, I guess all fans are that way… On a more serious
    note, Fellaini is a good buy although it is baffling to allow his release
    clause expire and then pay more.

  4. I think the failed bid for Suarez did Arsenal a favour. It showed other
    clubs and their players how ready we are to pay for new signings and caused
    many people to pay attention, and be more inclined to do business with us.
    It showed that Gazidis wasn’t lying when he announced the war chest £70
    million budget. We landed Özil as a result! Looking forward to the next few
    transfer windows now 🙂

  5. also what is wrong with 40m + 1… if the alleged release clause is over
    40m, how much more are you supposed to bid?

  6. The same Kagawa thats not in Moyes starting 11 and the Rooney that wants to
    leave? Splendid camp you have there…

  7. They wanted Fabregas > Fabregas wouldn’t come > Moyes looked like an idiot.
    Also, I’m not a United fan o_O

  8. Yuri Botafogo – RJ Brasil new Brasilian star, Aloisio Boi Bandido Sao
    Paulo! good Striker!

  9. plus ozil and his father were waiting for a call from united but it never
    came, so he went to arsenal

  10. ozil wanted to go to united. he wanted to leave madrid. arsenal was a last
    resort for him

  11. Umm actually, yes he is. Don’t know how your response relates to what I
    said, but yeah.

  12. Arshavin was brilliant for the first 1 and 1/2 year he was there. He just
    went downhill from there.

  13. honestly we should let rooney go, just not to another PL team. and kagawa
    is an amazing player. theres no reason why we shouldnt be playing him.
    there daft fucks over there at old trafford sometimes.

  14. You should work for Arsenal TV. Anyone that can manage to smile cheesily
    continuously for 16mins has a career in tv presenting

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