25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Season 2012/13 (Part 2)”

  1. How the fuck is this blocked? What a fucking disgrace, YouTube pisses me
    off so much sometimes

  2. That´s my opinion too :/ But I want to give you a review WHY it is my
    opinion…. The Music is good, but not that emotional like the 1st in my
    mind. But that´s arguably. What I found bad is the “chronological order”
    The 1st Part was clear structured and every game was easy to realize. In
    this Part the editing was as good as ever 😉 but it wasn´t that clear which
    game it was or which player e.g. If you make another Review(I hope so) than
    maybe try to look at these points and it will be better

  3. I’m a arsenal fan and idc how much stick get for this but all I’m gonna say
    is Arsenal is now a greedy business that doesn’t give a fuck about the fans

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