25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Revival (11/12)”

  1. yeah ” bad ” is too harsh , i’m going to say ” almost perfect ” … because
    we needed ( and still need ) a DM in my openion 🙂 P.S : Remember that
    Livepool are shit anyway ..

  2. We lostt to Liverpool……..Great well done that was brilliant considering
    you lost to Bradford and are going to be on itv4 next year

  3. There’s quality and there’s class. Man City and Chelsea buy quality in the
    form of Hazard, Mata, Schurrle and Oscar, but then there’s class, something
    very few clubs can produce.

  4. last time you finished above us? yeah exactly lol. We’ve won more leagues
    at your shitty ground than you have HA.

  5. u guys only rely on Bale. At least we split the goal scoring. Anyway I have
    better things to do than to talk to you. Just wait for Sunday for us to own
    you for the third time in a row.

  6. You beat us big deal. Are you in the champions league? oh thats right. NO!
    And we will still finish above you bozos

  7. I don’t know what you just said but you said COYG, so you’re getting a
    thumbs up 😀

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