25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Never Give Up (Trailer) [HD]”

  1. Arsenal is the best scout for MC, MU, Barcelona Cant wait for their new
    scouted young boys, train them 10 years or something, just started to hav
    some worldclass quality And then move to other clubs or wenger just sell

  2. lol you arsenal fans have been saying that since he first took over, cant
    you realize that he aint going.

  3. Yes, i’m waiting for the end of the season in order to start making the
    full version (movie)

  4. we have the best Defensive record this season…..wipe citys name off that
    list, add arsenal, thats ur top three, Cazorla is the best Midefielder in
    the league, followed by Hazard, Vermalen is the best Defender in the league
    followed by Vidic, and we drew against the league champions, utd and
    Chelsea couldnt do that last year, we did this year, trust these words, the
    drought ends now

  5. Rofl. You don’t make sense brother. Writing with capslock on doesnt make
    chelsea better than arsenal.

  6. When ever I start to lose faith in Arsenal I come and watch this and it
    makes me love them even more <3 you gunners

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