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  1. I was not talking about David but retards like you must always insult
    others for lack off proper arguments . Now go back to being silent and
    miserable we all like you just like that

  2. your retarded lol. David villa was having a tough time getting goals at his
    last season at barca which is why he left, it doesn’t work like that.

  3. messi is loyal to himself no other club would let him dis the coach and
    bully team mates and face it any other team and messi would not be that
    good you can put a old lady in his place and she would still score 20+
    goals a season barca is just a very well running team works like a charm he
    gets way to much credit .

  4. Is There Any Loyalty in Football? Is Suarez wrong to want to leave #LFC #AFC
    #Arsenal #COYG

  5. It’s a delusion to think only sports stars earn that amount of money. CEO’s
    all across the world, working for top companies, earn as much. But no one
    complaints nearly as much when CEO’s switch companies, sometimes to a
    competing company in the same industry. Footballers ARE normal people. Only
    that they earn extraordinary amounts of money. That doesn’t make their
    decisions any more or less valid though. Everyone wants more money,
    regardless of how much you earn. contd….

  6. @griminal1234 you must be a scouser, how could you want rodgers? Rodgers
    hasnt even won anything, the league cup was under dalglish

  7. yh thats true, i dont think loyalty matters if your not giving it to all of
    your players not just the better ones

  8. I think Jack Wilshere is going to be our Gerrard. Someone who genuinely
    loves the club, will become a leader on the field, and lead us to trophies.

  9. What a load of bull van persie leaves arsenal to go to a better team to win
    trophies u call him judas and a traitor but when it comes to Suarez its ok
    for him to move to a rival arsenal fans are hypocrites – not an arsenal or
    united fan

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