25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC FanTalk – We were poor all round – Arsenal 1 Villa 3 ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. Arsenal’s lost to Bradford once, now it would’ve have been worst if they
    lost to Bradford twice.

  2. You are a terrible person. That guy is not a glory hunter. He is a true
    Gooner through and through. More than I can say for Mourinho and his
    “beautiful eggs” at Chelsea.

  3. Interviewer: Could it have been worst? Me: We could’ve lost to bradford
    twice in row.

  4. Man you people are so quick to judge and so stupid . Blondie is awesome For
    what i can tell he is there every week for his team ever game he is there
    good or bad he is there …. for what i can see he is a real Gunner ! And
    you are all angry trash insulting people you don`t even know

  5. We were poor all round says Nervous #Gooner. #Arsenal #AFC #Goonerfamily
    #COYG #Wenger´╗┐

  6. Its the board! Thats why van persie left he said he held talks and he said
    there not heading in the right direction they obviously told him there
    aiming for champions league spot instead of challenging for the title. Our
    team is a shambles now! Sign Usmanov!!!!

  7. Lol go get a drink mate. I think he needs more than one. And after the
    galatasaray game? Ooouuf.

  8. There are players available such as Coentrao who’s asked for a transfer
    sakho rami. Should go for Lamela hes class

  9. Feel for these guys. Can really see the emotions. It’s horrible being a
    gooner at the moment.

  10. For the sad man that sits behind his pc insulting another man, I am outside
    the emirates every home game if you would like to chat??!!

  11. I understand exactly how this fan is feeling i feel the same way..is just
    arsenal to make you feel like crying..

  12. Talks absolute sense! Existing problems wont be solved and will only rot
    even more. Sad to admit that I have no confidence in challenging for league
    title. And will prob be in the same situation this time next year :/

  13. Cheers John, and thanks for all the support lads and are try to keep giving
    honest opinions on the games, i am watching it again on football first and
    it don,t get any better!!

  14. if your love is decreasing for arsenal then go! we dont need ‘fans like
    you! Arsenal is for life!

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