25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC FanTalk – We should have bought Higuain – Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3 – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. “No longer a great manager” – Absolutely hopeless, reactionary response to
    a crap loss on the opening day lottery

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  3. The entire coaching system is overlooked by him, right? including the
    medical staff and sports coaches etc… one of the greatest things a
    manager can do in terms of man management is keep all his players healthy.
    most of the injuries sustained are muscular injuries and joint injuries,
    highly manageable injuries… I can even see the way Wilshere runs is down
    to poor form and is the reason for his injuries. He runs flat footed. and
    Vermaelan and squillaci just went downhill. cant blame injuries

  4. That Mesut Ozil signing has brought out the best in all our players and
    we’ve now had the best start to a season since 07/08. I agree with this
    man. Arsenal were atrocious that match. Villa had some luck on their side
    but we were horrific

  5. this bloke is a fucking idiot. villa got very very lucky that game. all
    this cunt does is moan like hes on fucking rag. seen him loads on here and
    hes even more clueless. shame the thousands he spends on a season ticket
    cant buy him an ounce of common sense total mug

  6. Selling best players meant we got 20+ million…all because of the stadium
    dept. Thanks god we’re out of the darkness now, we’ve finally bought a
    world class player, the other players who have massive potential are slowly
    starting to realise there potential…so things are looking up. Never did I
    want wenger out, I’m on of the very few who understood the financial
    constraint he was under. And it’s only NOW that he can spend somewhat!!

  7. 2:10 is amazing. Every time he wants to say “I’m Afraid”, Robbie interrupts
    him for like 10 seconds and he’s still trying to say it, but Robbie doesn’t
    allow it. Haha.

  8. He’s angry about Arsenal selling their best player to their main rivals?!
    Who did Arsenal sell to Sunderland?

  9. Finally I saw someone who exactly says what I was thinking the other day.
    We have no football people in our board anymore. Ever since David Dein left
    we have not been able to negotiate properly. If Wenger stays he needs
    someone who can take that workload off of him, because he is clearly
    incapable off handling the technical aspect and the burden of negotiating
    contracts and getting players in. If Ivan Gazidis is doing this now, he is
    failing big time and needs to FO along with Kroenke!!!

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