25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC FanTalk – We are the worst prepared club – Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3”

  1. Football fans showing themselves up to be the reactionary morons that most
    of them are.

  2. Lol bob marley you mug!! You put the same comment on all arsenal tv post
    lmfao!! Get a life! Are you an upset spurs fan or something?? Lol

  3. Kompany ???…..ha fucking ha !! …..City have shown how shite they are
    this season already….see them against Bayern ? £500 million on players
    and they couldn’t even get the ball AT ALL in the first half…..I laughed
    my arse off !

  4. You tell me to stop living in the past, yet you were the one who started
    talking about the past. It tells a thing or two about your intelligence in
    general. What are you doing on an Arsenal fan channel in the first place?
    You contribute absolutely nothing here. In fact it’s quite obvious you’re
    solely here to provoke reactions from the Arsenal fans. I could go on about
    how you obviously don’t have a life but quite frankly you’re not worth the
    additional effort. /ignore

  5. Hahaha, disgrace? I’ve had a season ticket since 2001 when I was 8. I’ve
    spent thousands a year watching Chelsea. We won more in the 8 years
    pre-Abramovich than you have in the last 8 years.. Stop living in the past.

  6. …and still Arsenal have won more league titles than Chelsea, City and
    Spurs combined. If you were a Chelsea supporter before Roman ‘sugar daddy’
    Abramovic took over in ’03, to save your sorry arses, you would know your
    place and wouldn’t be here trying to mock the Arsenal. Before Roman took
    over you didn’t win a first division title for over half a century. It’s so
    called ‘fans’ like you that give Chelsea a bad name, you’re a disgrace to
    the Chelsea fanbase.

  7. Yeah mate, we regularly spend 100mill on players, because we clearly have
    that kind of money to spend every year. Well done you. Keep calling for
    your managers head, and be happy with one buy. Every year arsenal are the
    same. Crying and moaning despite gettin CL every year. Only this season,
    would i consider tottenham to be near arsenal squad-wise. The fact we have
    been over achieving and arsenal keep underachieving will keep me going.

  8. Haha. The guy highjacked the interview. The other guys face expression is
    priceless. ‘Thats what im saying’ lol

  9. All you Arsenal fans must feel very silly. Most fickle fans in the history
    of football.

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