25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC FanTalk – Canadian Gooner not happy – Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3 – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. kid in the back is rocking the skunk dyed look my buddies use to rock in
    the early nineties that their moms did for them and said would look cool.
    mommy lied to you

  2. @reecethfc97 Stop trolling Arsenal videos, go back on your yid videos and
    watch some europa league highlights.

  3. Wenger can’t spend 70million on players like Suarez and higuain yet I can
    with a budget of 20 million on FIFA :/ fix up wenger

  4. Maybe on camera, but you should see him actually WATCHING the game. Quite a
    different story. How do I know? My Father is his older Brother. I found
    this video because he posted it on Facebook. Apart from that one player
    name, he conducted himself brilliantly. Get in Uncle Tim. Loved the subtle
    dig at me and Dad at the end by the way. We’re all West Ham fans in the
    family… except him. Arsenal shirt as a child= Arsenal Fan for life. Happy
    50th Uncle Tim.

  5. He may aswell be called yoyo sononga because no one really knows who the
    fuck he is

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