25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC Fans at The Emirates Ecstatic with Mesut Ozil Signing – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. lol what does it even have anything to do with arsenal not being able to
    win the champions league?

  2. …Yes We “CAN” Win the Championz League, We Just “DON’T” Spend “BIG” you
    “SILLY DOPE”, the “MORE” you Spend On Good Playerz, the “MORE” We Stand A
    Chance Of Winning It, thatz Why We Bought Ozil to “ATTRACT MORE” Playerz !
    How Can you Win the Lottery And Become A Millionaire If you “DON’T” Spend
    On A Ticket ???

  3. …You “GASSED CUNT” ! After We Beat Napoli Tonight, A Top Italian Team !

  4. …How Many Timez Have you Been to See Real Madrid ??????? You “DUMB OATH
    FOOL” !!!

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  6. …”SHUT YUR MOUTH” ! Whoever your “SHIT” Team Is, We’re Above you In the
    League !

  7. …Tryna “INSULT” My Team Saying We “CAN’T” Win the Championz League !!!

  8. Arsenal FC Fans Going Mental With #AFTV After #Ozil Signing At #Emirate
    #Signing #Arsenal #Ozil11 #Goonerfamily #COYG #afc

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