25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 3 Stoke City 1 – Ozil is World Class – T ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. we got Ozil, now all we gotta do is lock down Suarez or another quality
    striker and we could definitely be contenders for the premier league and
    have a fighting chance at the champions league! 

  2. you’re joking? right? if he isn’t world class than what is? he is only just
    behind xavi and cazorla in the spain team, and sometimes is even chosen
    over them.

  3. I am watching all your videos since Özil joined Arsenal. Big Özil Fan is
    now supporting the Gunners. Greetz from Germany

  4. Only the sheeple could buy into this guy after his pathetic unforgivable
    knee-jerk rant on the opening day.

  5. haha if you have an ‘o’ in the name make it the german ‘o’ with the
    ‘umlaut’ 😀 like it

  6. Moh is probably his name, asshole.. He said on a video after the Villa game
    that he wouldn’t spend money on the club until we bought a world class
    player, so now he did.

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