25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 3 Stoke City 1 – Fan Unhappy with Flamini Although Many Thought He Was M.O.T.M”

  1. No Pleasing this Fan who was Unhappy with Flamini Although Many Thought He
    Was M.O.T.M #Arsenal #AFC #COYG

  2. What’s this guy on, if Wenger can for give him for leaving why can’t we?
    He’s done amazing since he’s returned. My opinion best signing of the
    transfer window. 

  3. You’re totally clueless. You know absolutely nothing about football, you’re
    lack of football knowledge makes you inferior to me. Be quiet.

  4. Astonishingly well argumented reply! On the other hand, your grammar
    knowledge makes you ineligible even to have a conversation with me,
    therefore, be gone.

  5. Flamini – two shit seasons, one average season. Leaves for money. Comes
    back banging his chest when noone wants him anymore. NOT AN ARSENAL

  6. I hate to tell you but a defensive midfielder is the HARDEST spot to play.
    Arsenal relied on Arteta and now Flamini. This guy is an absolute idiot.

  7. I really can’t understand what the hell is going on in your mind, how
    delusional you are if you think Flamini was world class…I was slagging
    off asian and african shitheads because they’re fucking idiots, I haven’t
    seen one of them lot talking sense in their comments..Their only reply to
    everything is “ozil”, “wenger knows” and etc..A bunch of clueless cunts

  8. Then honestly , i dont know what you were watching in the 07/08 season ,
    and i think better than other fans ? yet you was the one slagging off ‘
    african and asian shitheads’ in your other comment because they don’t live
    in london , u wanna take your head out your arse mate .

  9. No he wasn’t world class. If I slag the team off because of obvious reason
    that doesn’t mean I don’t stick to them in hard times you absolute mong.
    You think you’re a better than other fans who criticise the team because
    they should just because you close your eyes to what has been happening
    over the past few years? As long as we keep classicizing players like
    Flamini world class we won’t win anything.

  10. Not long ago we were in the same situation. Good start, played brilliant.
    Then comes March and April and we’re fucking nowhere. Why? Because we had
    no depth in the squad, and neither do have now. Wenger needs to cover up in
    January, if we even last until then.

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