25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 3 Stoke City 1 – Bully Leads “We Are Top Of The League” Chant – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. If that one bird in the middle keeps jumping up and down her tits will poke
    someones eyeballs out

  2. Great Bully, you guess right…! Indeed Theo is on a minor abdominal
    problem. A Mauritian Gooner. Greet you all.

  3. Someone really ought to put his arm around theo and ask him what is
    troubling him hahahahaba

  4. you forgot to name aston villa. i have no doubt in my mind we(manchester
    united) will beat you. Either im loving arsenals comeback they got some
    fantastic players like özil flamini koschielny. i dont think arsenal will
    win the league but they are big contender for it.i rather see them up top
    then chelsea liverpool and city. hah i know you will poke fun at me because
    of our loss yesterday but you guys have earned it

  5. Your right, our home support is terrible – my bro and I were at the game
    singing and getting behind the team…. I had this old couple looking at me
    like I was “acting inappropriately” and the rest were just quiet – I wanted
    to throttle the bastards – shitty fake supporters, letting the Stoke fans
    take control of the stadium….

  6. yet they say we’re short players. Injuries will always make a team short
    players, that’s how it works.

  7. fucking arsenal cunts.wait till you down the brit.white elephant of a
    stadium just like Wembley.eh why don’t you get the England brass fucking
    band to play to create sum “atmosphere”. GET OVER this Ramsey thing aswell
    will you all please!

  8. I think arsenal needs more sound spectators. I watched arsenal games,
    mostly through the game later, it will become quiet.. The players need
    sound spectators for boosting their morale, and i think thats what we are
    lacking maybe.. 🙁

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