25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 3 Man City 6 – We Defended Like The Dog and Duck Pub Team”

  1. We Defended Like The Dog and Duck Pub Team says Claude. #Man City 6 #Arsenal3.

  2. We had 2 goals disallowed that should have been given, another 2 clear cut
    chances given as offside when they were not, and a clear cut penalty
    decision waved off. Meanwhile, Man City dived for a penalty at the end,
    and their 5th goal came from a freekick the commentators were laughing at
    after Nasri grabbed Sagna’s hand and then fell over. We lost because of
    the ref and linesman today, end of. Stop complaining, move on. 

  3. Atkinson, Mason and Dean are the worst if not the most corrupt refs out
    there. Guess who’s umpiring this weekend against Chelsea? Yes it is Mike
    Dean. For the betting people out there, stay awya from this game! We have a
    current win % of 17% with this muppet. He just hates Arsenal. The guy was
    even caught on camera willing a Saha(spurs) lob to go in over our keeper in
    2011. What a disgrace! We were ripped off by Atkinson and also the linesman
    who made 2-3 incorrect decisions regarding offside. We should have scored
    at least 2 more goals which would have changed the complexion of the game.
    Yes we played terribly, but has Arsenal scored the 3rd goal to make it 3-3,
    the pressure would have been on City. Why oh why can’t the FA investigate
    such corrupt refs? The answer is the FA itself is corrupt! This is



  5. i wish barcelona, bayern and real madrid would play in the premier league.
    they would destroy every team 7-0.XD

  6. It wasn’t the defenses fault it was the midfield their passes were terrible
    If you look back on to the highlights you can see most of city’s goals were
    because of the midfield making shit passes or holding the ball too much

  7. hahahahaha oh fuck off claude!! you seen him when we win? hes all alive ,
    when we lose he looks like hes gonna have breakdown mess of a man! hahahaha
    hes nuts!

  8. How could we be tired from the Napoli game ?? The reason why Ramsey plays
    is because he has a good engine and can endure all the hard work and
    matches but seriously tiredness?

  9. Haha what a fucking surprise, Arsenal fans crying like little bitches and
    blaming the referee, every time they lose hahahahaha.. but oh, if they win
    it’s a whole different story isn’t it? If the most corrupt ref to ever
    exist refereed an Arsenal win, I guarantee not 1 fucking Arsenal fan would
    even mention it LOL, pathetic cunts, keep crying.

  10. we’re still very strong , it was just a bad game , we were tired , who
    thinks like me thumbs up

  11. same old fucking Claude changing his tune every fucking game. For the first
    half despite all the pressure from one of the best team in Europe our back
    four were exceptional. There were so many positives from this game, the
    fact Walcott game back to have a quality game, that we’ve gone to the
    Eithad and actually compete with city and get 3 goals against them which
    not many teams have done. The difference was a set piece, a gift of a goal
    and a shitty linesman to change the game in Citys favour so get behind our
    team for fuck sake and bring on Chelsea next week because if we attack like
    how we did today we will absolutely dominate them 

  12. This geezer ain’t got clue, blaming ref! We got turned over proper, by team
    who just starting gel, got competition for places all over the pitch, just
    beat Bayern at Allianz, got four strikers all internationals, while we rely
    on Giroud, should say it all!
    Gazidis better have more savvy bout him this time around come Jan + summer,
    more players, done an dusted soon as window opens, no fucking bout last
    day, look how City did their business this season!

  13. U can always count in Claude to blame the refs win or lose he just won’t
    get off of it

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