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  1. I think you are missing the point. Though I don’t know exactly what the
    bonus is linked to, I know that it is not linked to winning trophies…and
    that is the basis of my argument. As I said in the interview, we have to
    align Gazidis’ interests to Arsenals performance on the pitch. So in
    summary, though I do not have ALL the information, I have enough to base a
    conclusion. Also, I have acquired all the information available to anybody
    external of the club.

  2. Bonuses are a simple concept! I am not saying that his bonus shouldn’t be
    linked to commercial factors, but any bonus for an individual should be
    affected by the institutions success in achieving it’s objectives. You
    actually sum up my point when you say ‘If we go on to win something
    imminently he would have earned it.’ I agree…but he got a £675k bonus
    last year and a £450k bonus this year. We have won nothing. As you said, IF
    we had won something, he would have earned it.

  3. That is a very simplistic way of looking at things. Weather you like it or
    not, sport today is a multi billion pound industry. Yes, winning
    cups/trophies is the ultimate goal but there is so much more to it that
    just that.We just bought Ozil and Im sure the new deals with Emirates and
    Puma helped to facilitate that,deals Gazidis was instrumental in. If we go
    on to win something imminently he would have earned it.

  4. “I dont know what this bonus is linked to”. Well maybe you shouldnt comment
    on something youre not full informed on.

  5. sorry for over reacting…but i still think he deserve the recognition.lot
    of AFTV’s regulars he print their name on video title,for exanple,chris,
    ramsey,mark,bully,curtis(all of them are white)he is the only regular who
    is not white.There has to be reason why AFTV is disrespecting this
    wonderful and passionate arsenal fan.just curious.

  6. This guy got it SPOT ON! Couldn’t have said it better myself. So again, why
    do Arsenal fans still point the finger at Wenger. 

  7. from reddit/r/gunners but this guy’s message needs to get around to the

  8. A CEO of a football club is not paid based on whether or not the team won
    trophies. That is completely irrelevant. It all comes down to how the
    company performed financially. Arsenal exists to make money not to win

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