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  1. Its so funny when Arsenal weren’t doing well (specially after we lost to
    Villa), top comment in “ArsenalFAN TV” videos critisize the blonde, since
    we are winning now everyone starts to have a soft spot for the blonde….
    People ayyy…!

  2. Gooners have fucking winners + leaders through that fucking team the
    gooners have gotta believe they can achieve major silverware this campaign
    + dominate for many season every team wants to play like arsenal every team
    have copied arsenal methodology chelsea barca real madrid man utd spuds man
    city etc the gooners have gotta bond n play together as a unit ozil will be
    the signing of the summer trophys are coming to the emirates in an
    abundance COYMG:)

  3. Gooners can fucking win it all the emirates team spirit is incredible
    arsenal need the support of the emirates crowd the mighty gooners are on
    the verge of making history a 1st quadruple every single gooner n arsenal
    true supporter gotta believe that the gooners are in 4th but wiv a win at
    the weekend on road at sunderland anything is possible the gooners can do
    it they just the belief n confidence through the team the greatest gooner
    ever COYMG:)

  4. Stupid goons. You may have spent fuck all but you also have not got the
    problem of bedding in 7 new players. This result did not surprise me. We
    dominated possession without creating fuck all. Arsenal have a team that
    are used to each other, spurs have a new team and it takes time to gel.
    Arsenal sat back with 9 men behind the ball and broke quick, fair play,
    wenger got his tactics right.

  5. Yeah because you had no creativity. We also had the same team who played 5
    games in 14 days whereas you can play your second team in Europe. There is
    no point in having possession if you can’t even create chances, you were
    only threatening from set pieces at the end. Plus the set piece that was
    cleared off the line was terrible, but Giroud for some reason kept it in
    play. If I were you as a Spurs fan I would hope Eriksen settles in quickly
    otherwise you will struggle to score.

  6. he actualy does have a disability, if you go further enough back on arsenal
    TV you’ll see, but that’s irrelevant arsenal fans should stick with each
    other irrelevant if they have a disability or not, anyone insulting him as
    he’s there basically every game supporting the club, anyone insulting him
    should feel ashamed, he’s at the match supporting his team and you’re on a
    computer insulting someone, grow up!

  7. Agree with Claude, media is so anti arsenal, saw Graeme Souness criticising
    Giroud today?! AND he said what is Ramsey? and said he should score more
    goals. Absolute dickhead

  8. copy (Fan Talk #3 Arsenal 1 Bayern 3) without the brackets into the search
    box and it’s the 5th one down.

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