25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 1 Spurs 0 – Bully leads the songs after win over Spurs – FanTalk – – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. Look at all those fucking geeks midfielder class wankers. In the 80s this
    country had it out on the streets, nowadays the middle classes have reduced
    the old school so atmosphere into a cringe sing-a-along

  2. The henry kick tv ad came up before this vid for me only ad ive ever
    watched on yt

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  4. what’s even wrong with him? Instead of playing nice, and bashing him at the
    same time by saying “its not his fault he has a disability or disorder”
    just be quiet. How do you even know he has any disorder? I don’t understand
    by what you judge that on

  5. We needed a good signing and we got it. Just have to focus on winning and
    develop that mentality now. COYG

  6. jesus christ give it up haha, i dont even know who we’re talkin about
    anymore…i never mentioned a 21 year old!

  7. you seem to laugh at the “europa league hahaha”….you do realise Chelsea
    won CL and Europa back 2 back? thats pretty damn impressive

  8. Its a team game, not a solo effort otherwise real madrid and spurs would
    win the CL every season(exceptions are liverpool).Without 3/4 of a billion
    cashley have no chance in hell.Remember at chelsea the british players
    simply run the club and bully the rest out of the dressing room.I have no
    doubt that if any otehr manager spent 713 million on 7 entire squads they
    could win europa league hahaha Look at mark hughes at man city who made a
    solid squad that went on to win the prem the next year.

  9. Sure who isnt, he gets paid thousands per week(hundreds an hour) and is a
    millionaire by the age of 21.Still doesnt take away the fact that without
    713million pounds and 7 sqauds he would have won nothing.Give that kinda
    money to any manager and they could build a team to crush everything. Lol

  10. You mean 713 million pounds to win champions league,offiacially the best
    team in europe…. then they get fast tracked into the runners up league
    for losing to the good teams?Pretty impressive they sucked against the big
    boys and got to play the runner up teams in the other leagues.Where the
    teams barely spend 100 m in a decade and frequently become feeder clubs.

  11. Its a natural to be jealous of players who sign multi million pound
    contract with a scribbled x.Im just realistic about the fact it took 71
    players costing 713 million in that squad to get him those trophys.Thats
    simply the price of the entire barca team.Lool Plus the years they won was
    weak teams in europe&domestically.Like when liverpool won the cl.

  12. Chelsea’s 72 buys under Abramovich costing a cool £713m.Thats the only
    reason he got that silverware.Yes almost 7 entire full squads to get
    silverware costing 713million pounds.Caps are asinine cos heskey got loads
    and he was wank.

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