25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 1 Everton 1 – Claude Has A Rant About Pizza Eating Fans”

  1. Claude Has A Rant About Pizza Eating Fans. #Arsenal 1 #Everton 1. #AFCvEFC

  2. this Krusty-the-Clown impersonator thinks fans can change the result?
    what a dumb cunt. try getting actual players faggots..

  3. This has happened so many times and I understand Claude’s frustration.
    There are some fake fans are at the Emirates.

  4. It also annoys me how in some games, like at home to Dortmund, the fans all
    go quite when we go a goal down. It is like they can’t be arsed supporting
    the team when things aren’t going well for us. I only get to go a few
    games every year, some during the Emirates Cup, and I sing and chant for
    the full 90 minutes regardless of what happens on the pitch. I would kill
    to be able to go and watch the club play every week, and I get so annoyed
    seeing wastes of space taking up seats and pissing about for the full

  5. Claudes right on this one. Fat cunts come to matches to have a feast rather
    than watch a match and thats why arsenal fans have got that terrible
    reputation. Coz of those pricks.

  6. i agree with claude, some fans at the emirates piss me off, they spend half
    of the match messing about with their phones and act as if they don’t even
    want to be there, i don’t understand how you can go watch a football and
    not even show a little sign of support, it’s disgraceful. 

  7. That face he made when he says “Jenkinson was shocking today” is EPIC…
    Looks in total disbelief at how bad Jenkinson was that day LMFAOO

    Sad part is Jenkinson wasn’t even that bad that day 

  8. i can see it from both sides of the coin, i can understand if the game has
    just started and there’s a few people taking pictures could be ennoying,
    but it could be that its their first match and they are just excited to be
    there, its understandable.
    now i like to sing and cheer if i am at the emirates, but what really gets
    to me is the way some fans look at you when your trying to start a song or
    screaming to rally the team on, they look at you as if your some hooligan
    or something, or just laugh at you, its pathetic it really is, you still
    get the arsenal faithfuls there cheering their heart out, but personally i
    believe the upper class have kinda ruined the emirates in a big way, i
    pretty much only go to away games now, much better atmosphere

  9. Hahaha, love the rant and totally agree. I’d be pissed off with this at a
    cinema let alone a footy game.

  10. Damn right Claude! fans like the ones in Dortmund. Even Dortmund were
    impressed and that’s saying something! I couldn’t agree more with staying
    until the game finishes. Too many people leave before the whistle. A lot
    can happen in five minutes in football. I couldn’t even think about leaving
    before the final whistle. Im living in Sao Paulo and recently watched Ponte
    Preta vs Lanus and the reaction of the fans when going down one nil was
    tremendous so much so that I believe they gave strength to their team and
    in doing so they equalised. This was in the last ten minutes of the game I
    was also screaming and shouting for my adopted Brazilian team. Imagine me
    in the Emirates cheering on the Arsenal! Cant wait to come back and watch
    my team in the stadium and not on tv in Brazil anymore. Love the Arsenal

  11. SO true what claudes saying , its all the chinese , asian american tourists
    that are fucking arsenals atmosphere up! they have no clue about arsenal
    and just turn up taking pics! BAN THEM ALL!

  12. Some of these fans who are privileged enough to see an Arsenal game and do
    all of this stuff that Claude says is just an insult to all Arsenal fans
    worldwide, I live in Australia and would give anything to see an Arsenal
    game live at the Emirates. I would scream my heart and sing all game long
    without leaving my seat and then you can see even on tv just fans leaving
    early to beat the traffic out. Who gives a fuck if you’ll be stuck in a
    carpark for an extra 20 minutes. Support you’re fucking club!

  13. ahhhhhhhh i wish i could watch an arsenal game at the emirate ..

    i would be screaming the whole 90 minutes ..

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