25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 1 Borussia Dortmund 2 – Match Review – ArsenalFanTV.com”

  1. I agree in every point with you except lewandowski should have get a red
    card for his elbow against koscielny and pls don’t call the arsenal style
    of play “tiki taka”! Arsenal played this kind of football before everybody
    knew the barca style of play. Sorry for my english…

  2. Flamini vs Gundagon both going to come back from injury it’s going to be so
    funny when Gundagon destroys you

  3. I still think Giroud is not the answer We need a proper DM as well Flamini
    is good but not the complete guy like one of the Benders would be.

  4. It’s a combination of both. Arsenal is stronger than last year, The
    Dortmund players are not really in form and tired at the moment. Sounds
    like an excuse but they got really unlucky with injuries before, that’s
    why. Also they miss their key player Gündogan. I expect Dortmund to play
    much better at home. Still gonna be a tough match. Hopefully both teams
    make the second round.

  5. if we had natural wingers it would have been different more then Flamini
    but Flamini is still a solid DM but felt it was wingers we needed that night

  6. I went mental when Giroud scored, and nearly threw the remote at the wall
    when lewandovski scored.. a night of mixed emotions we missed flamini. but
    who cares, we’ll win away because WE ARE THE ARSENAL 😀

  7. I think with Flamini in it could’ve been a completely different game. I
    have to say, we have either improved drastically or Dortmund are not as
    good as i thought. They should watch out next game coz Mathieu is comin for

  8. Lewondoski is dirty player he does these dirty tricks when refs notl
    looking. In last year champions league final he stamped on a player and got
    away with it. He should have not been on the pitch.

  9. why would he put his elbow to his face when the ball at that moment wasnt
    jumpable yet you only swing your arms to jump so it was….!

  10. To be honest, Lewandowski’s elbow incident wasn’t deliberate, and was by no
    means “disgusting”. I understand that an elbow to the face is a straight
    red, but under the actual circumstances it wasn’t.

  11. I hate that expression ‘tiki-taka’ and Arsenal aren’t playing ‘tiki-taka’
    and that is good.

  12. Hate it when people say things along the lines of ‘although we lost, there
    are still positives to take!’ The only positives to take are points…

  13. You may beat Bayern but you cant beat us (Blackburn) and wait for
    it…….. BRADFDORD!!!!!

  14. I think we could beat them at Wesfalenstadion. Theyre a bizzurk team at
    home but we were the same team that Bayern at the Alianz arenaWe’ve won at
    the San Siro

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