25 thoughts on “Anfield Tunnel: Access All Areas v Arsenal”

  1. orange order has been using black cab drivers to scratch Liverpool peoples
    new cars over the last 7 years..the cost…taxi drivers son Michael molloy
    taken out in bestival coach crash.

  2. you don’t seem to understand. losing to bradford on a scale of 1-10 in
    terms of shit is an 9 let’s say. beating newcastle on a scale of 1-0 in
    terms of good is only maybe 6 for example. LOSING TO BRADFORD IS MORE

  3. Big summer for lfc…btw i mean the euros lmaooo were going to the euros
    well gerrard carrol johnson hendo kelly might be haha oh woy u still think
    ur managing liverpool loool

  4. I’d rather be a fan of the 18th place team than be a fan of even the 1st
    place team if my team had loyal players..How does it feel your best players
    leaving the club? Our captain was a fan of Liverpool ever since he was a
    kid..His family member even died in the stadium accident.


  6. no, beating newcastle is very good, they played well, yh they might not be
    high in the league but they still have some decent players when they played
    arsenal e.g demba ba, bradford was dissapointing i’m not going to lie but
    arsenal came back beating reading and newcastle, but i must admit i am
    nervous going into the chelsea v arsenal on sunday

  7. Did you just say Steven Gerrard wanted to leave Liverpool? Please tell me
    when.. Gerrard never quits remember 05 when his team was down 3-0 after the
    first half in champions league finals against Milan? He was holding the
    other teams player like they were winning..They came back and tied the game
    in 6 minutes and won the game in penalty.. Torres was actually a way better
    deal £50million £56million Suarez and Carrol £58million Suarez alone
    recently scored a hatrick to give us our first win.

  8. wvweyonw says henry , bergkamp , tony adam etc , but without ARsene wenger
    , we wouldnt be a shit in the last 15 years. when he retires he should get
    a 20 meter higt staty

  9. that piece of shit? he scored 65 goals in 102 games for your club you
    moron, he was your best player. You read too much media which most of it
    isn’t true. You have the most history in the premier league? LOOOOOOL
    you’ve never won it you moron. And what does it matter about Gerrard? Your
    team isn’t classed as a big club anymore your Mid table at best now. You
    dont seem to know much about football with your silly responses.

  10. best comment ever. “you are stupid”. lmao. maybe i’m stupid but at least i
    don’t sing stupid songs to football men.

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