25 thoughts on “A-League All Stars Vs Manchester United 1-5 – All Goals & Match Highlights – July 20 2013 – [HQ]”

  1. That’s what Serbia thought in 2010….then Australia ended up knocking them
    out of the World Cup……. In 2006 Japan and Croatia thought the same
    thing…..then Australia ended up knocking them out of the World Cup
    too…….. Do some research before telling the world what a dickhead u

  2. ill also clarify that alot of the playerss that played for the all stars
    werent australian.

  3. Australia made it to the 2006 WC through a tough play-off campaign against
    Uruguay. This “All-Stars” team was supposed to be chosen by the public,
    players like Del Piero, Heskey and Ono had exceptional seasons and weren’t
    rewarded. Instead the FFA picked overrated players who didn’t prove
    themselves. The Australian national team was in Korea at the same time
    playing against South Korea, so our best were missing. I’m Australian and a
    Manchester United fan, and appalled by your arrogance.

  4. If Next Season… Persie Scores 25+ Rooney Scores 20+ Hernandez Scores 15+
    Welbeck Scores 10+ The Prem Is Ours!!

  5. 20 year old Lingard looks so composed. Also great to see an English striker
    scoring and playing excellent.

  6. It’s people like you who know fuck all about united if you think welbeck
    needs to be sold! Get a fucking grip!

  7. I am from Italy and now we have Syedney FC in our country. Del Piero is
    champion but Mario Balotelli is better 🙂

  8. The A-League All Stars kit looks an awful lot like the Everton kit. Nike
    just recycles designs like a motherfucker!

  9. Oh Please! Melbourne are hosting Liverpool because they missed out on
    United to Sydney. Liverpool is a famous club with a rich history, but their
    small mindedness and lack of vision in the 80s cost them. They never
    upgraded or built a new stadium and lost millions in revenue. Since then
    all they have been able to do is try to punch above their weight and
    continue to remind the world of past glory as they slowly but surely slide
    down the EPL ladder.

  10. Plenty of other sports.Moto gp dominating until Stoney wanted to fish
    instead hehe.Not good at cricket atm but when you dominate the sport for 20
    years,you usually crash down with a bang soon after and someone else takes
    their turn, Plus our population is very small compared to other countries
    and the money that generates..

  11. Not particularly surprising… they weren’t really playing the best of the
    best in the A League and the All Star team didn’t have much time to play

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