Ronaldo’s Efforts Go In Vain As Portugal Crash Out Of The World Cup

John Boye of Ghana scored a self goal in the Portugal’s net giving Portugal a lead by 1-0. It was the Group match of G game. The sour image of Portugal and Ghana will be remembered for ages as 1.7m euro was transported to the hotel of the team and Ronaldo did not feel like giving interview after missing many chances to score a goal.

Christiano Ronaldo came to collect the trophy of man of the match with bandaged knee and showing signs of limping. He seemed to be disappointed as he could not score the goal before 10 minutes thus his goal did not matter. In this World Cup his arch rivals Neymar and Messi are still basking in the glory of Brazilian sun but Ronaldo struggled with his form. Being awarded the Player of the Year he failed to turn the opportunities into winning goals. So Portugal remained at number 3 from their group and in the first match itself against Germany they proved to be no match as Germany scored 4-0. Pepe’s sent off was crucial according to Portugal coach and they were literally handicapped with Ronaldo not being cent percent fit enough to carry with his form. He seemed to be frustrated with the team and largely by himself by drawing the match against U.S.A by 2-2.

Bento came at the rescue of Ronaldo stating that it was team’s fault and not an individual mistake. As Ronaldo has always risen to the occasion and proved his mettle time and again but it was the grave mistakes by his team that led Portugal out of 2014 World Cup. In fact if Ronaldo would have been fitter things would have been different for the Portuguese team. Ronaldo’s mood was of sadness and nothing could be amended.